New to CRM and building your contact list? No worries. It's easy but it's also important to do it. If you don't, you are missing out on opportunities with your network. Whether you're starting out with 100 contacts or 10,000 contacts, you need to organize it in a way that makes sense to you. That's what we call customer segmentation. We apply different categories or labels to each one of them. This way, you can quickly work through your list of contacts in a fast and efficient way. What if you don't? You will likely get overwhelmed with a long list of names - when was the last time I talked to them? What did we talk about? Etc.

Let's get started. Simply use the categories available to you in Fieldnotes. There are a few ways to categorize your contacts:

1. Buyer/Seller: This allows you to quickly categorize your contact as a Buyer, Seller, or Both or you can customize it through Manage Items with other values like Renter, etc.

2. Relationship Status: This is a way to categorize who is an active customer (Hot), a customer who is on the cusp of transacting (Warm), or a potential client in the future (Cold). This will help you to know where to spend your day in nurturing these contacts based on their buying/selling temperature. This is the list that you should be contacting your Hot customers on a weekly if not daily basis. 

3. Referral Source: This list helps you to know where your leads/opportunities are coming from. If you can track it, you will know where to invest your time and resources in building that lead source. The best leads are always from your network!  

4. Spheres - This is where you can categorize your relationship with your contact. If a friend is an agent, you can multi-select the spheres.

5.  Tags - Lastly, you can categorize contacts even further with Tags. This allows you to group your contacts so that you can quickly identify them in the future.  For example, Investor groups or Car Enthusiasts.

Overall, if you take a moment to organize your contacts, you will be able to find your contacts as an invaluable source of leads. In fact, we had a client who shared that she found 3 leads as a result of updating and organizing her contacts. Wouldn't you like 3 quality leads from your existing contacts?