Action Plan Folder

We are constantly looking for ways to enhance the user experience within our platform. We made a folder system for the Action Plan in order to stay organized.

  • You can now easily create folders depending on your preference.
  • To stay organized, drag and drop each Action Plan into the appropriate folder.


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Update Email and SMS Stats

You'll now have the ability to view how many SMS and Emails are sent on each Action Plan on your account.

  • The "Stats" tab will be available on every Action Plan in your account. It is filtered by default for the 'current week,' but you can change the coverage by simply selecting the date in the top right corner.
  • It should be noted that SMS delivery number will be based from the release date. As a result, the numbers will be lower than expected because we are no longer able to go back and track the earlier ones.



Other Updates

We made some small adjustments/fixes in response to user feedback. Updates are as follows:

  • Note attachments are now showing up in the timeline.
  • Issues on some filters are now fully functional.
  • Appointments on the dashboard now showing. Will show the next 20 or 2 month's worth of appointments.