Action Plans are a set of actions that are used to complete a repeatable activity. Those actions can be a Task, Email, or Text Message. One example could be a Buyer Closing Action Plan. If you closed a deal, you could have a set of things that you may typically want to do to communicate with your client or follow-up on post-closing activities. By setting up an Action Plan for this activity, Your CRM can remind you or even communicate to your client on your behalf. This way, you will never forget to follow-up and can rely on Fieldnotes to help.

To start, navigate to Engagement → Action Plans. You can either import a pre-defined Action Plan template from our Action Plan Library, or you can create action plans on your own.

Import an Action Plan (from Action Plan Library - Add-On)

  1. To serve as a starting point, Action Plan Templates for commonly used processes have been developed. Any of the templates you "Import from the Library" can be customized and updated to meet your specific requirements. 
  2. To use a pre-defined action plan, go to the Action Plan Menu and choose "Import."
  3. You will be given a list of action plans that are available. We have created a folder system, so make sure to check each folder to see what plans are available.
  4. Additionally, you may use the filter section to look up a specific name or tag in the list of plans.
  5. Once you've found an interesting action plan, select and import it, and that action plan should be available in your library. It's worth noting that if you chose an action plan from a folder, the folder will be imported as well, so your imported action plan will be included.
  6. You can modify any imported action plans to meet your specific requirements. To add/update tasks associated with an action plan, open it and click the "Edit" button.

    NOTE: The use of Action Plans that incorporate text messages to your contacts, requires additional subscription fees. This can be added directly to the app and will be charged to the registered payment method.

  7. To learn more about the Action Plan Library, click here.

Create an Action Plan

  1. To create an Action Plan, simply click "Add Plan" and fill out the required information.
  2. You'll be asked which folder you want your Action Plan to be placed in, as well as the name and description of your Action Plan, as well as tags for easy access or organization. Hit "Save" once done. 
  3. The new Action Plan you created will be saved in the folder you specified. Begin by adding activities (task/appointment, email, SMS) based on your requirements.

To learn more about creating your own Action Plan, click here.

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