Once you setup your Action Plan workflow, you have two ways of triggering an Action Plan:  Manual vs Automatic Triggers.  For this article, we will focus on Manual Triggering.

Manual Triggering: This allows you to trigger an Action Plan when you want to. Here are the basic steps:

  • Select the contacts that you want to trigger. Use the filters to find the contacts that you want to trigger the plan

  • Note: If you have already triggered the same Action Plan for a contact, it will warn you.

  • Optional: You can change the start date of the Action Plan by adjusting it. Also, you can remove a step in the Action Plan as well. This gives you full control of how you want an Action Plan to work for you. 

  • Review Progress:  Once an Action Plan has been triggered, you can review the progress - Start and End date.  As well, you can pause or delete an Action Plan. 

PS. Actually, there is a third way of triggering Action Plans. You can use Sparky. Here's an example.... "Sparky. Trigger the Lead No Call Action Plan for John Doe". You don't have to log in and it's super easy!

To learn more about Auto Trigger, click here.