Once you setup your Action Plan workflow, you have two ways of triggering an Action Plan: Manual vs. Automatic Triggers.  For this article, we will focus on Auto Triggering.

There are four different options that you can select for Auto Triggering that we will discuss on separate articles.

Auto Triggering: This allows you to setup the rules in how you want the Action Plan gets triggered automatically. Based on what you need, there are ways of triggering an Action Plan. For this example, let's setup an Action Plan to trigger leads under Facebook/Instagram. 

Here are the basic steps to get started:

  1. The key to creating Auto Triggers is figuring out what are the criteria for starting the Action Plan. In the example given above, the Action Plan would trigger contacts that belong to Facebook/Instagram source. There are many options to explore. You have to find a common thing among your contacts to start the trigger and make it successful in the long run.
  2. Layering additional rules: You have the ability to add multiple rules to make sure that the Action Plan starts properly. Similar to the first step, you select the field in that you want the event to occur. In this example above, we want to reach out to Buyer leads from the specific referral source we selected at first.
  3. Finishing up: Once you've created the rules, decide whether you want your Action Plan to run once, which means it will be a one-time sweep by the system to check the leads who fit your condition from the time you trigger it, or continuously, which means it will run from the time you trigger it until you stop it.
  4. Search Contacts: This step is not required, but it is helpful. When you click this button, the system will tell you how many contacts you have who match your condition. This will give you an idea of how many contacts you're trying to reach out to.


  • Monitoring Progress:  Similar to the Manual Triggers, you can also monitor the progress of the Action Plans for your contacts, including the start and expected completion dates. This is where you will go as well if you want to stop/pause an Action Plan.
  • Show Only Running: tick this box if you only want to see the running Action Plan, but untick it if you also want to see previously completed plans.

  • Stats Tab: Recently, we added this tab for monitoring purposes.
  • You'll now have the ability to view how many SMS and Emails are sent on each Action Plan on your account.
  • The "Stats" tab will be available on every Action Plan in your account. It is filtered by default for the 'current week,' but you can change the coverage by simply selecting the date in the top right corner.
  • It should be noted that the SMS delivery number will be based on the release date. As a result, the numbers will be lower than expected because we are no longer able to go back and track the earlier ones. (Released Date: June 2022)

Read more about the update here.

To learn more about Manual Trigger, click here.