Setting up an Action Plan includes filling the recipient field. The “To:” field lets you enter the {client_mail} (for email) and {phone_number} (for SMS). You can modify the sending of the “To:” field for both emails and SMS. This gives you greater flexibility in an Action Plan to email not just the contact but their spouse or other people. By default it populates the {client_email} but it can be changed to another email. 

Go to your existing Action Plans and choose the one you want to edit. To add multiple emails or phone number on the "To:" field, simply separate them with a comma and choose from the tags located at the right part of the page. Once done, just click Save Task.

You can always use these Smart Tags for the most commonly used fields such as name, email, phone number, etc.

Pro Tip:  If you want to send the email to a specific person all the time within the Action Plan, you can type in their email.  An example is that if you are listing a house, you can automatically send an email to your staging partner every time you have a new listing and you are informing all the parties involved.