Here is a quick overview of the updates released for this month:

Time Based Triggers (by days/hours/minutes):

We now have the ability to schedule action plan tasks after another task. A subsequent task can be setup to run after a given time (minutes, hours or days) after a previous task. This, in conjunction with the ability to pause action plans on response allows us to created smart action plans that keep sending messages until response etc.

For more details, check out the link:


This is a feature in which you can write a snippets of emails or SMS messages that you can reuse in your emails or text messages.  You basically create a pre-filled templated message for quick and easy communications.   For more details, check out the link:

Integration to

This integration allows you to integrate directly to  This will allow you to quickly get alerted 

For more details on setup and usage, here is the article:

Round Robin - Lead Distribution

This option allows you to distribute your leads to your team.  You can choose how you want to distribute the leads and alert them on their assignment.

For more details on setup and usage, here is the article:

Touchpoints Tracking (Your Contacts)

Based on from our Ninja Selling agents, we have made modifications to the TouchPoints feature.  Now you can add your own contact names to track towards your TouchPoint goal for the week.  To learn more, review the following article:

Mass Edit

You can still continue to use Sparky to edit all your contacts.  However, if you are in front of your computer, you can now  do mass updates using this new feature.  Check out this new feature:


To make it easier to navigate from one contact to another or from one page to another, we have implemented breadcrumbs.  This way, you can simply click back to the previous navigation.  Quick and direct.  See an overview in this article:

Action Plan Auto Pause (for SMS responses)

When a lead responds to your Action Plan campaigns, you can now auto-pause it so that no additional messages will be sent to the lead.  Note that this is currently limited to SMS messages only.  See how you can quickly enable this handy new feature:

Email Read Receipts

In each of the emails sent from FieldNotes platform, you can track the email view by each of the recipients.  You can see when it was viewed and how many times it was viewed.  

To learn more, review this article:

Many of these features are because of feedback provided by you.  We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.  Please keep sharing your feedback.  Our goal is to make your job easier to connect with your clients.