Here are the highlights of the 2nd release we had for May (the first being more on the UI/UX improvement).

Dynamic Tags

Change the email/sms tags to have the customized names and add a dropdown everywhere (including editor) to insert tags. Tags now using "@" instead of brackets. A common “Smart Tag” button everywhere including Action Plans, tasks and Annette messaging. In Editor you can use start typing “@” and the tag name to have a dropdown of tags to select. Note that all tags replace the spaces in the field names with an underscore (eg last name to last_name) to support single word @ selections.

Action Plan UX Improvements

Various improvements on Action Plans including the following:


  • Show “Recurring” details on advanced action plans.
  • Fixes to action plans triggering after due date when conditions are not met
  • Fix to action plan page not showing up when certain trigger conditions (like minutes after trigger + time of trigger) is provided.
  • Redesign of Warning page with ability to Reset Warnings. Resetting warning will archive all warnings.
  • Redesign of Scheduled and Running page to show newest Scheduled and latest Running in the list along with ability to archive Scheduled.
  • Stop sending warning messages to users in email, show only in the warnings tag.
  • Allow triggering of action plans even if an activity fails and only show warning. Earlier it would fail the entire action plan.
  • Allow specifying multiple TO messages on SMS (like spouse name) without failing the entire activity. 

Performance improvements for Action Plan

  • We should now have a better page load times of Action Plan and details page.
  • Dynamically load Scheduled count so that it is refreshed on submission and on updates.
  • Optimize loading of individual numbers to speed up the perceived page load even if hangfire takes a while to return counts.