Have you ever forgotten to connect with your contacts? After a while, you simply lose your relationship with them. At that point, your client, with whom you had a good relationship from the start, suddenly becomes distant. Let's fix this problem and allow your Fieldnotes CRM to remind you of it. With our TouchPoints feature, you set your goal on how many contacts you reach out to each week and Your CRM will remind you to reach out to those contacts. 

Setting Up TouchPoints

Here's how to help you get started on using TouchPoints:

A.  Navigate to the lighting bolt (Left-hand side) and look for TouchPoints

B. Look for setup to get started. 

And configure your TouchPoints setting by:

1. Enable the feature

2. Set a weekly goal on how many contacts you are going to reach out to each week.  

3. Based on the relationship status, determine the frequency at which you want to reach out to each category of contacts.  See the example below.  (Tip: If there is a category that you don't need to reach out to, simply set it to 0)

Once you have done this step, that's it!

Using TouchPoints

Once you're set-up, you will get a weekly email of all the suggested contacts each Monday.  This is the list for the week.  

You can also access the list of contacts by navigating to Engagement > TouchPoints on the menu.

If you have any questions, email us at support@fieldnotes.ai

As you contact each person, (1) you can check it off and (2) please include your notes in the Quick View section for any of those contacts and if you mark a contact as contacted the option below will ask you "would like to add a note".  (3) You also have the option to skip the contact.  The system will have some additional contacts for you to connect in case you want to skip some contacts but yet, hit your weekly contact goal!

If you want to review reports for the past week's performance, you can go back to the Reports tab.  You can go back to continue to monitor your progress by selecting the date.

Pro Tip: If you want to track a contact towards the TouchPoints goal, add a note and check the box.  This allows you to track your conversations towards your weekly goal. 

With TouchPoints, you will never have your contacts fall through the cracks anymore. If you have any questions, please email us at support@fieldnotes.ai.