All of your contacts will be listed on the "Contact" List. The entire function of what you can do to each of your contacts will be available once you select a user.

Typically, each contact will have the same details. This page would contain basic contact information and the functions that Fieldnotes offers. 

Each contact has 1. a "quick view" and 2. an edit button. 

On the Quick View, the lead's basic information will be present (name, phone, email) and other fields available inside the system. If you wish to send an email, or a text message (premium add-on), schedule an appointment, create notes, or view the timeline

With the Edit button, you can edit and add information about the lead.

Here, you'll see where you can 1. Add a Note, Compose an email or text, add an Appointment or To-Do.

Under 2. you will see the Contacts Timeline, Tasks, Conversations between the lead and Annette (AI), and our new feature, for with their MLS contacted to the CRM the Home Search.

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