All of your contacts will be listed on the "Contact" List. The full function of what you can do to each of your contacts will be available once you selected a user.

Typically, each contact will have the same details. This page would contain basic contact information and the functions that Fieldnotes offers. 

Pressing on the "Edit" option would show you the specific details we can store for your contact. 

In here, you'll see Notes, Tasks, applied Action Plan(s), Conversations between the lead and Annette (AI), and our new feature, the Home Search.

Home Search

In this tab, you'll see 2 options, "Home Alerts" and "Home Search Filters".

Home Alerts will show you the saved home alerts. You can create a new Home Alert in the Home Search Filters section contact us if you need any assistance.

Home Search Filters will typically show the home filters available to take a look at the available properties depending on the parameters you set.

You can read more about our recent release here.